How to cope up being an International Student in Australia?

In the recent turn of events, students were seen complaining about the cost of living, living standards, mental and physical challenges of being an international student in Australia. We acknowledge the fact that being away from home at a young age and supporting yourself financially and emotionally can be daunting, especially if you are not prepared for it. Some students cope up the pressure while some go through the hard times. We have also seen students who embrace this challenge and overcome it.

Let us first talk about the financial aspect and what you should consider before coming to Australia. If you are a self-funding student in Australia, the initial fee of a semester is paid when you apply for a student visa. After six months of enrolling in your course, you are expected to pay for another six months fees in advance and it goes on till you complete your course. Let us assume that your semester fee is $10000. You will have to pay $10000 after being in Australia for six months. Now the question is, is it manageable? The ideal answer is yes, it should be manageable for most students. However, for some students, it may not be.

Let us assume for a single student that you get a job after 2 months of being in Australia. The average pay is $20 an hour. As a student, you can work 40 hours fortnightly. So, your Income every fortnight is $800 which makes it $1600 a month. Deduct your living expenses now. This is clearly not enough to cover your fees. However, most of the colleges and universities can provide a monthly payment plan. You need to ask your agent if the colleges you are applying provides a monthly payment plan to students. If you think your parents will not be able to help you financially, it would be wise for you to choose a college/University that provides a monthly payment plan to students. This would ease your financial pressure.

You can clearly see that you will not be able to save money during your studies in Australia. So, coming to Australia with a hope that you will make enough money to send it back home or indulge in a fancy lifestyle would be false. Thus, you should contemplate your financial circumstances in Nepal and choose course and college that will be suitable for you financially. Talk to your counselor/agents regarding this matter. They can help you find a suitable college according to your financial needs. You should always know your ground and take the right decision from the beginning.

Remember, you are young and have your whole life to make money. When you are a student your primary focus should be on your studies. After completing your studies in Australia, you may apply for a Post Study work visa, where you may be able to start building your career and work as much as you like and save some money.  You should not keep false hope about earning while you are a student. The things you earn during your student life apart from education is the experience which will help you shape your life. It will teach you to be money smart, dealing and handling situation that you never faced before, makes you independent in true sense.

Let your parents know about this, ask them to have patience while you are a student. If you were to study in Nepal, your parents would not expect you to make money until you complete your studies. Let them know that it’s no different when you are studying abroad.

The most important quality to have when you are abroad is discipline. Discipline towards your studies, work, spending and be humble to other people. Try to learn and explore new things. You will leave your country, everybody you know and grew up with to learn and explore new things. Never hesitate to ask things you don’t know. Don’t just assume things. Every time you ask a question you will learn a new thing. Grow yourself. If you have supporting friends, family or relatives in Australia, good for you, if not even better. When you face all the challenges by yourself and at the end of the day when you look back at yourself, you will get satisfaction on your success. Don’t rely on others, try to be the helping hand everybody looks for.

You should come to Australia with a can-do attitude, be proactive. Participate in the events planned by your college/uni. Make new friends, share each other’s experiences and how they overcome the challenges. Know that everybody will be busy with their own things in Australia, if someone gives a helping hand, appreciate it. Put yourself first but avoid being a narcissist. Don’t wait for friends to start something new. Lead your way through.

The challenges you face during your student life is not hard, this is basic life that you are experiencing for the first time. Talk to your parents and ask them how they overcame, or would they overcome the situations that you are facing now. Trust me, you will be surprised to know that everybody goes through these phases of life. Pull yourself together and keep moving forward. Don’t lose hope and be frustrated if things do not go as planned for you. It is life. Make a new goal and carry on.

And when you need professional advice, get professional advice should it be health, physical, mental, financial, education or migration related. Get an opinion from multiple professionals. Make goals – short term, medium and long term. Lay out a path to achieve your goals and stick to it. Get things done one step at a time, this ensures that you are moving forward and not circling around.

You come abroad to learn new things, so don’t create a comfort zone for yourself. All good things happen outside of your comfort zone.

We wish you the best for your future endeavors!

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