Important Notice! Our commitment to our students during COVID-19.




A Commitment to Our Current Students During COVID-19 Restrictions.


Dear Students,

Considering developments regarding COVID-19, we want to proactively provide you with some help. We have always worked with your best interest at heart. And this notice is just an extension of our effort to help you during this unforeseen circumstance.

As you are aware, we do not have the authority to waive your tuition fees completely. However, we have worked closely with some of our partner education providers to provide you with some form of ease. You may have been already or will be contacted by your provider to pass on these forms of relief to you. The arrangements are:

  • Deferment of Fees Payment, Or
  • Reduction of Fees by up to 30%

Students who have got deferment of fees payment are in a better position than those who are still required to pay their fees during this time. Thus, we have decided to further extend our help to our students who are required to pay their fees during this time and provide you with an additional 10% reduction on your tuition fees payment from today onwards. This discount will be on top of any scholarship or fee reduction that you receive from your education provider.

Please get in touch with us prior to your next payment to arrange this benefit for you if not arranged already. You may benefit an upfront fee reduction or get a cashback. This arrangement will be in place until the restrictions are lifted and things get back to normal.

We urge you to follow the government’s health advice and stay safe.

Thank you for being a part of our family. You have always been our number one priority.


Best regards,

Vivid Education.